This is a mod of shadowrun 3rd to a alternate starwars universe. In school so it will be slow going.

I am using the ABCDE method for making your runner. This is the same as you would find in the 3rd rule book, with the exceptions of Magic and Race.

Magic is replaced by force use: You have two choices .. Priority A or B. A is for full Jedi/Sith/Null and B is for Force adepts(casters)/Physical Adepts/Null Adepts I will go further into the magic conversion later.

Race: I am going to use races from D&D… the conversions for this will be on a case by case basis. The general rule is going to be Nothing out of the monster manuals or savage species. Nothing with any ratial hit dice. This will be based on the lev adjustmant. (A +3 B +2 C +1 D = 0 E humies) Con = Bod, Dex = Quikness, Wis = Will. Attributes transfer 1:1 special skills and others transfer 2:1, not everything fits into this and will need some tweeking

On Magic…. Force use will replace magic from SR. For starters there is no astral plane or spirits/elementals. Force Use skill will be replacing Sorc. It is linked to Willpower. The mechanical rules for the use of spells is the same. There is still drain, foce of the spell, ect. The exception is spell useage. when making a caster (and to a lesser extent phys-adds) you must pick Jedi or Sith. As well as effecting your outlook on things this also limits the spells that may be cast. Jedi can not cast elemental manipulation and sith can not cast healing or Illusion. And your path gets a respective +2D to cast from those schools.